• Разработка программ и приложений

Development of programs and applications

Company E-projects has successfully operated on the IT market since 2010. During this time we have created a number of software products that allow our customers to get rid of the extensive paper archives and numerous Excel tables and let them run their business rather than spend time trying to optimize the accounts of the enterprise. Trade, entertainment and legal companies that have become our clients have all smoothly organized their accounts in electronic form.

Today, the main directions of our company are software writing, design and development of enterprise management systems and programming outsourcing. Our job is to find the most convenient and easiest ways to achieve your goals. If you have been in the business for over a year and your company's number of employees has significantly grown, we can offer you a tailored ERP-application to optimize the control system and management processes in your business. Using this application, managers of all levels can obtain the necessary up-to-date information on business operations, revenues, costs, budgets and cash movements, assess the performance of each department and employee individually, as well as the company’s performance as a whole.

If you are a truly client-oriented business, our CRM system will help to automate your customer-interaction strategies. Electronic accounting will move your customer relations to a new level, more transparent for both management and shareholders, and will help to identify potential future risks and opportunities for an additional income generation. On the other hand, both the personnel management structure and the monitoring of individual workplaces will become more flexible, consequently improving customer service and ensuring efficient usage of time for the employees.

Do you want to increase your business efficiency and at the same time free up some organizational, financial and human resources? Then you should try outsourcing, one of the most modern and popular IT services. We are ready to undertake some of the tasks that are non-core for your organisation, such as computer network support, software writing and maintenance of the enterprise information systems.

HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, AJAX, JavaScript, MySQL are just a small part of the programming languages and technologies that we have dedicated experts for.

Company E-projects always adopts a comprehensive approach to solve your problems. Based on an individual assessment we will find the right solution for you, providing high quality services within the stipulated time-frames.