• Портфолио CCTV

Portfolio CCTV

We take care of privacy of our clients, so you are not to see any entire facility photos here.

We not only install CCTV and access control systems for our clients but we take them for maintenance and servicing.

During the last years we installed CCTV and access control systems and have been servicing them each month at the following facilities:

  • Offices occupied by companies;
  • Sister companies at the Ukrainian territory;
  • Warehouses belonging to trading companies;
  • Business centres;
  • Private hospitals;
  • Dental offices;
  • Tyre fitting stations;
  • Car service stations;
  • Cafes and bars;
  • Private preschools and educational institutions;
  • Private houses;
  • Cottages;
  • Apartments.

Below are some examples of positioning cameras and access control systems.