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Development of software and applications

You cannot find two identical companies even though they work in the same spheres. Each of them has its own tasks, management style, structure, accountability… This can be continued for a very long time. But software is destined for the automation of daily routine tasks and raising efficiency of the entire work starting from filling papers and up to the most important item i. e. rendering services to your customer. You should rely on high-quality software in order that all the processes run by your company really serve single purpose. But our Company develops software and applications and is engaged in it professionally.

Stages of software development
  1. Gathering information submitted by the Customer, its studying and systematization. This is one of the most active stages at which elucidation of all the Customer’s demands is being implemented, the latter shall be based to the software or software complex; more exact determination and verification are realized as well.
  2. 2. Arrangement of the future software structure, choice of its type (the one to be run at client’s or otherwise server’s side, mobile technology or the one for PC instead etc.), and formation of requirements specifications (RS).
  3. Approval and coordination of all the final details as well as signing RS and appropriate contract.
  4. Design development and making-up.
  5. Programming. Software creation by hands of clever and curious programmers employed at our Company takes place at this stage.
  6. Testing and conduction of redesign. Initial acquainting the Customer with the software functional and obtaining feedback.
  7. Software finalization and acceptance works.
  8. Training of the Customer’s employees in the software use and introduction of the latter.
  9. Product being ready-made – it starts producing a profit to you at this stage.
Why is it we that you shall apply to?
  • Many years of experience in the software development for all the available platforms and working with all the programming languages;
  • Studying demands of each client, personalized approach and flexibility of the solutions proposed;
  • Price policy management: each customer can form price of the software development depending on options he/she wants to have in the ready-made software product;
  • High velocity of works and responsibility for full correspondence of the software to the RS.

We also render post-sale technical support and maintenance on all the issues of the software functioning within the framework of the maintenance contract having been signed.