• Компьютерные сети

Computer networks

One cannot do without laying local area networks under conditions of fast development of computer technologies used in functioning of offices, plants, factories and other enterprises. It is important not only to purchase equipment functioning properly but to take care of correct introduction of local area networks. Even the most high-priced computer of well-known brand is unable to ensure fast and easy access to the necessary information without them. Out Company is one of the leading installers of local area networks (LAN). We realize introduction observing all the rules, and due to this users gain access to the widest opportunities, in particular:

  • Provision of personal’s working as team even though they can be in different premises or buildings;
  • Functioning interfaced with CCTV system through the World-Wide Web as well as access control system to the enterprise’s territory; remote use of data without any necessity in their downloading to PC at each workplace;
  • Mutual functioning with peripheral equipment (for instance, there is no need in connecting a scanner to each workplace in a small office for one can install single apparatus for a number of employees);
  • Ensuring good order in office work;
  • Possible installation of access levels for the employees.

Our specialists have necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and they are ready to realize any local area network from scratch. In case of availability of a system at a facility functioning of which is incorrect or related to any difficulties we will adjust its functioning.

In what way does local area networks installation take place?
  1. Initially a specialist studies Customer’s demands in network’s functionality and maximum possible traffic.
  2. Project development is carried out; the former takes into account any specific features of the facility. Fine points of the system and budget are coordinated with the Customer.
  3. The problems which can arise at the stage of installation and operation of the equipment are discussed. Competent specialists employed at our Company know due to the imposing experience where a problem can arise quite unexpectedly and they will debug it in advance.
  4. Possibilities for the reimbursement of the system in the future when amount of information transferred increases, the office widens etc. are provided.
  5. Appropriate equipment is installed.
  6. Commissioning is run and any failures are revealed and debugged.
  7. Warranty service and repair are implemented.