• Системы контроля доступа

Access control systems

What is access control?

As a rule, access control is understood as limited access to any premises or to some facility located on the territory with a limited visiting. These can be custodial facilities belonging to military divisions, companies, and higher educational establishments as well as organizations of any property form, research institutes, and governmental facilities.

The following is necessary for such a system:
  • nstallation of checkpoints with controlling of access line passing. These can be automatic or manual turnstiles, doors equipped with a combination lock, security guard at the entrance etc.
  • Registration of persons (generally employees) which are rendered access to the entrance as well as development of an access control systems to the objects of different access levels (provided that there is a number of ones). For, instance, but a researcher can get into laboratory, and only Department director and secretary can get to the President’s reception room.
  • Development of a system for recording of checkpoint passing (electronic log as a rule) and accountability formation.
  • Arrangement of backup processes: issuance of passes, their substitution, keeping database for access level recording, changing and cancellation of accesses, date archiving, maintenance etc.
Technological aspect of the issue

Our Company arranges access control systems called “RACS”: remote access control systems. Typically they consist physically of a transmitter-pass or key and the receiver installed on the door or turnstile to read the data to be sent to the central processor which decides whether to give access based on the information in its database. If “yes”, response is transmitted to the control mechanism and the door opens. Other details are involved in this process such as electric locks, central server, fixing devices, door closers, biometric scanners and other gadgets.

Our Company has been engaging itself in the arrangement of such systems for many years already. We also develop software for RACS according to demands of each of the customers taking into account its specific features and therefore we realize in full what the customers need. We cooperate with each one up to reaching of complete mutual understanding and satisfaction of needs.

Access control systems (ACS): Specific feature of installation

Today access control is a mandatory attribute of the office security system. Using special equipment one can monitor actions of his/her subordinates and prevent intrusion of foreign persons to the territory. The specialists employed at “E-Projects” Company implement installation of access control systems. Among the companies to offer this service we are distinguished by procurable price, extensive experience and adhering specified terms.

Advantages of ACS
  • Access limitation. Necessity in closing access to any foreign persons and render it to the personnel only arises frequently at enterprises. Protective constructions are installed before the entrance and to principal sections of the building for this. But an employee holding a pass can enter then;
  • Registration of working hours. Charging wages at modern enterprises is conducted based on the works the person worked. Due to ACS availability administration can track when an employee arrived at his/her workplace, whether he/she was late or at what time he/she left home (based on identification cards). At that integration of access control systems with popular accountant’s programs is possible. Otherwise time of arrival and leaving is shown on computer monitor;
  • General security. Access control system being usually interfaced with the security system functioning at the facility, one can control any movements across the territory (personnel, guests and vehicles). Such a system is called “closed perimeter”. If the security issue is acute, the equipment is provided with additional functions (for example, controlling the passage twice with the same pass-through document).
Why shall you order installation of access control system from “E-Projects” Company?

Installation of any large ACS containing multiple access points can be entrusted but to professionals. Specialists employed at “E-Projects” Company implement entire complex of works for the designing, supply, installation, restoration of lost identification cards and maintenance of the equipment.

Applying to us you get the following preferences:
  1. Adequate price.
  2. High quality equipment.
  3. Order implementation within the specified terms.
  4. Aid in the development of project of comprehensive security system.

No matter whether these are the simplest tasks for small and medium-scaled business or complicated ones for enterprises being related to requirements for the enhanced security we will implement the task with high quality and exactly within the specified time period. Apply to us!