• Электромонтажные работы

Electric installation work

Electric installation works (electric equipment, lightning protection and snowmelt systems)

Fault-proof functioning of electrical equipment is pledge of comfort and safe dwelling and work. Therefore bringing power supply to the building from power line, electric protection installation and layout of electric wiring through the rooms must not be entrusted to any persons who are not professionals. Costs arisen due to low quality of equipment and undue contractor’s experience can appear too high. Therefore you should entrust electric installation works to specialists having due knowledge and practical experience in order to secure yourself as well as your relatives and personnel from unforeseen problems and prevent expensive equipment out of service. But in this case can you expect the electrical equipment not to let down at some crucial moment.

No matter whether you need installation of electric wiring in your country-house of decided to introduce energy saving technologies at you manufacture our Company is ready to complete the works within the shortest terms and observing any regulations. In addition to the mentioned sphere we also introduce snowmelt and lightning protection systems. They allow raising comfort level as well as lower probability of persons’ injuring and damaging vehicles.

The tasks being solved are as follows:
  • Prevention of icing formation;
  • Elongation of service life of asphalt covering or tiles suffering from permanent snow or ice removal;
  • Protection of people and building from direct strike of lightning, ignition, or secondary lightning effects;
  • Electric installation for dwelling and commercial premises;
  • Electric wiring bonding;
  • Prevention of lightning impact to the facility being protected.
What do we offer?
  1. Development of requirements specifications for single or otherwise a number of problems (unavailability of lightning protection, snow adhering and collection at surfaces, ice accretion, electric wiring installation, electric service panel assembly and reconstruction etc.)
  2. Supply of certified materials.
  3. Skilled installation.
  4. Maintenance and repair.
Advantages of collaboration with us:
  1. Fast specialist’s departure to any district of the city.
  2. Coordination of the cost accounting with the Customer.
  3. Rendering aid in materials selection and procurement.
  4. We use spare parts coming from leading manufacturers.
  5. The prices are procurable.

Due to such a balanced approach we are in a position to guarantee that the electric equipment as well as lightning protection and snowmelt systems will function for a long time for you and will not demand any substitution.