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Wireless network

Wireless networks (arrangement of base stations)

Wireless networks today represent integral part of corporative network of an enterprise. Such a solution allows satisfaction requirements of the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and it is distinguished with a great number of advantages when compared with the solution which foresees wired communications, in particular:

  • It allows network arrangement at out-of-the-way places;
  • Material costs are low;
  • Extensibility is simple;
  • Network deployment requires little time.

Choice of wireless network type is dictated by technical specifications and frequency range being used. Our Company arranges “point to point” type solutions, radio relay technologies as well as WiMAX and Wi-Fi solutions. We use advanced radio technologies in our work due to which high quality of service, security, flexible scaleability and efficient radio resource application are achieved.

Our advantages

Due to vast experience we select optimum options in the arrangement of networks from technical, organizational and price view-points. We apply advanced technologies and high quality materials for the access solutions with various throughputs in order to satisfy entire spectrum of the Customer’s demands in the sphere of radio transmission. Introduction of networks of any size is not a problem for us: we approach competently to the arrangement of a network at large manufacture, in small business, for communication operators and for commercial facilities.

Stages of network introduction are as follows:
  • Preparation of requirements specification (case study of the authorization method; coordination of the number of network users, equipment and type of clients with the Customer; budget stipulation);
  • Designing of wireless network (fixing method is defined more exactly, layout of arrangement of commutators, routers, controllers is prepared and number of ports is calculated);
  • Installation;
  • Putting into operation.

Our collaboration with you is not ceased upon putting the system into operation. We render appropriate consultations, implement technical and prophylactic maintenance, diagnose and reveal faults in remote mode and debug them. In addition to networks arrangement from scratch we engage ourselves in retrofitting existing ones.

You will be able to do the following thanks to us:

  • Optimize your network for high density media;
  • Personalize your services;
  • Protect your customers, data and business.