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Security alarm

What are designation and types of intrusion detection systems?

Intrusion detection system in the whole is a system for facility protection from unsanctioned intrusion. Such a facility can be apartment, house, shop, enterprise, bank safe, and car etc. – nearly any item, even a picture in a gallery. In addition to registration of the fact of intrusion security systems are generally fitted with function of warning of such a fact which is transmitted to control panel located at a security company or otherwise police division (depending on where you are connected to).

Numerous types of alarm signalling systems were invented for this, and the following principal types of the ones are distinguished among them:

  • Intrusion detection system;
  • Intrusion and fire detection system.
Methods of arrangement

There can be a number of methods of systems arrangement as well:

  • The ones providing video surveillance or not providing it;
  • In case of providing video surveillance the systems can contain stationary (no rotation) cameras or surveillance ones (rotation is provided);
  • The ones containing incidents and video recording system or the ones without it;
  • Automated systems and manually controlled ones;
  • Self-contained systems and the ones not being such and so on.
Durable systems

The most durable are thought the systems equipped with moving cameras which can acquire coloured pictures both in the daytime and at night with high quality of video record; these ones ensure recording directly to the central control panel while preserving high volume of data; picture from which is transmitted to the guards’ room. Such systems are provided with the following types of sensors (detectors):

  • Motion ones;
  • Temperature change ones;
  • Infrared ones;
  • Sensors responding smoke, fire, intrusion, vibration or moving objects through the space.

They are ideal for enterprises, organizations and majority of private residences. Systems of lower level are frequently installed at other custodial facilities and can include cameras, intrusion sensor and control panel. Being cheaper, they nevertheless ensure proper security monitoring level and therefore more popular.

Why you should apply to our Company

Our Company has extensive experience of many years in the installation and maintenance of intrusion detection systems.

We offer wide spectrum of models for every taste and purse and for any Customer’s demands. We are engaged not only in their installation but ensure monitoring of their status (we connect our customers to appropriate security control panel), and implement routine maintenance as well as other works for the customers’ demands.

Intrusion detection system: installation, repair and maintenance

High quality and failsafe functioning of the security system is guarantee of safety for your house, office or another type of facility. It is therefore necessary not only to choose high quality equipment with large functional but to pay due attention to the installation process as well as future maintenance. It is but in this way that you can hope that the equipment does not fail at crucial moment. Have you noted any faults? Has the detection system ceased performing its functions? Do not hesitate, call a specialist!

“E-Projects” Company performs entire complex of works for the introduction of intrusion detection system at any facility. Installation, post-warranty service as well as adjustment and repair all belong to our sphere of responsibility. We offer procurable prices to our customers and order implementation within the shortest whiles.

In what way does a detection system installation take place?
  1. A specialist at first arrives at the facility and estimates field of operations. Based on the features of the site we select proper system.
  2. Project development. Installation process is reflected in it in full detail, and terms and budget are specified.
  3. Equipment ordering. Upon discussing specific features and performance capabilities of the equipment we order the latter directly from the manufacturer. We supply certified goods.
  4. Installation as such. A group of specialists arrives at the facility at the specified day for the introduction of intrusion detection system to an apartment, house or office. We guarantee fast implementation and unavailability of unnecessary expense. Commissioning works and putting into operation of the system are performed upon completion of the installation.
  5. In case that the adjustments have floundered procedure is as follows: the Customer calls to the Company and a specialist arrives at the facility a few hours later in order to adjust the equipment.

All the items are quite different with office system. For instance, you should add access control and CCTV systems to any detection system, and personnel training will not be unnecessary as well.