• Аутсорсинг программирование

Outsourcing programming

Programming outsourcing

Outsourcing is transfer of some portion of the functions to any external company (companies). Outsourcing process is useful for the following:
  • Optimization of the Company’s functioning;
  • Acceleration of performing some activities;
  • Lowering cost of some activities;
  • Raising quality of performing some functions.

A great number of highly tailored persons and companies that perform certain single function and do it more quickly/better/cheaper appear in a community developing at great velocity. Striking example of this can be universal transfer of call centres of great companies to India which allows saving much at the resources (wages, arrangement of working offices, telecommunications, taxes etc.) One can imagine programming outsourcing in similar way.

When is it advantageous?

Programming outsourcing will be advantageous in the following cases:
  • The company has no resources, knowledge or means for recruiting appropriate specialists in programming for the solution of some tasks;
  • The company has too many tasks which change frequently and cannot be prognosticated beforehand; employing any fully paid programmers without loading them with work is to no purpose for such tasks because they are rather highly paid specialists at the labour market;
  • It is necessary to carry out something cheaper/more quickly/with higher quality than staff programmers could do.

It is advantageous to apply to specialized companies at these and similar situations which employ permanent staff of skilled specialists who are ready to complete your individual task or otherwise to get up to the flow of your tasks closing them step by step or as necessary.
It is these services that our Company renders.

What does programming outsourcing consist of?

Outsourcing is advantageous first of all due to the fact that you obtain as a rule original or higher quality for less money. In case of IT tasks this can be cheaper due to engaging specialists from any regions or other countries. Value of mean level IT programmer’s services can be usually tens of times lower in developing countries than at the markets of countries with economy in transition and sometimes hundreds of times lower than at the markets of countries with highly developed economy.

IT outsourcing consists of the following:
  • Performing pull of the tasks having been posed;
  • Accounting of the time consumed for the work (time tracking);
  • Bug fixing;
  • Testing;
  • Installation and integration into the process.