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Installation of CCTV cameras coming from “E-projects” Company

Video surveillance is one of significant parts of state-of-the-art security systems. Cameras are found everywhere: at town streets, in bank branches, shopping and entertainment centres, gymnasia, cinemas and, of course, at the territories of private house or office. Due to their use the owners can monitor the territory both indoors and outdoors. But before the aggregate starts performing functions laid on it one shall entrust its installation to professionals. Efficiency of the CCTV system functioning depends upon accuracy of thinking over the places of the cameras positioning and taking into consideration specific features of the building and its lighting.

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How to choose CCTV security system

A great number of video surveillance systems are represented at today’s market which are able to ensure security of dwelling territory e.g. cottage or house. We choose equipment individually based on specific conditions and we install apparatus in apartments as well. Technologies develop and are being improved, but there is a number of options available today which are more popular than the rest ones. Difference between them on the whole lies in the image acquisition and value.

One should ascribe analogous HD system to the market leaders. Its advantages are as follows:
  • Ease of installation;
  • Acceptable price;
  • It is ideal for small houses, apartments and public buildings.

When choosing such a device one shall bear in mind necessity of a video recorder purchase. You cannot do without it.
IP video surveillance (it is also called network one) is not less a wanted option. Such a system is connected to a computer, and all the cameras are put together to form a local network.

Their specific features are as follows:
  • Wi-Fi video translation is possible (other techniques are possible as well);
  • Installation is more complicated;
  • Price is higher than that of HD.

Nevertheless, finally you will get a good picture which is not affected by negative environmental factors (snow, rain, thick fog) and poor lighting.

Installation process

We already drew your attention earlier to the fact that the system introduction shall be done by but a skilled specialist. You will also ensure your security from failures, incorrect functioning or necessity in searching appropriate specialist for the rectification of faults of the incompetent forerunner.

Stages of the project development and installation are as follows:
  1. 1. Preliminary facility survey. The specialist arrives at the place of future works himself, inspects the territory and prepares appropriate conclusion containing all the necessary specific features of the facility.
  2. 2. Project development. CCTV cameras installation is implemented but in accordance with it. The Company and the Customer communicate continuously at this stage in order to coordinate the budget.
  3. 3. Installation in an apartment or office building. Upon preliminarily agreement with the Customer persons employed at the Company arrive at the specified address and install the system. In case of innovation video surveillance systems appropriate software is installed without fail; moreover, training of dwellers or staff to nuts and bolts of its controlling is conducted as well.
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  • Consideration of the Customer’s wishes;
  • High quality of technical solution. We sell hardware coming from leading manufacturers (both domestic and foreign). It is but such hardware that is distinct by its productivity, stability and durability;
  • Proper experience. Our specialists are true professionals in their activities. We realized hundreds of projects of various complexity during the time while of more than 10 years.

Applying to “E-projects” Company you can be confident: you are sure to get highly-qualified aid, procurable price and high quality equipment.