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Fire alarm

Fire detection systems

Fire detection system availability is necessary precondition for ensuring safety of people and material base at the vast majority of residential and commercial premises. It allows timely responding contingencies and ensuring stable enterprise’s activities. It is of great significance not only to choose proper equipment and install it but to prepare correct requirements specifications for the design and installation works. Regularity of the system’s functioning as well as ease and comprehension of its application all depend upon scrupulosity at which the specialist studied the task.

Our Company offers the following complex of services for ensuring fire safety of your facility:
  1. Project development.
  2. Laying cable lines and introduction of equipment.
  3. Development of fire alarm and smoke exhaust ventilation systems.
  4. Installation and adjustment of wireless fire detection systems.
  5. Recovery and repair.
  6. Maintenance of the fire protection system.

Fire detection system is a complex of technical means principal function of which adds up to detection of ignition sources and translation of the message of the events having taken place. In addition to this, state-of-the-art systems allow automatic triggering of fire-fighting and smoke control systems for the purpose of creation of the most favourable conditions for the salvation of personnel, guests and movable property. The technical complex consists of special fire detectors, control and indicating equipment or personal computer running appropriate software having been installed.

Why do customers put their trust in us?
  • Fast installation;
  • Strict observance of the agreed terms;
  • Extensive experience of systems installation in offices as well as dwelling and commercial premises;
  • Highly qualified personnel.

When applying to us you can expect for high quality equipment coming from the best manufacturers as well as correct installation and adjustment of the software part. But collaboration with E-projects Company is not ceased with the facility’s putting into operation certificate. Our employees take on the repair works and maintenance. Such a comprehensive service allows cutting your costs for ensuring fire safety as well as elongation operation life due to regular inspection and revealing faults in the functioning.